Digital Participation for zero carbon and social inclusive cities

17.-21.10.23 in Taipei

5 days workshop for international alumni
hackathon / site events / Exhibitions
Partially funded (Flights / hotel)

_HackYourDistrict 2022 Review


We bring together international alumni to work on ideas and tools for zero-emission and inclusive cities. During one-week workshops, which will take place in Berlin in 2022 and Taipei in 2023, alumni will jointly develop ideas and tools that they will later feed into their work. The focal point is a two-day hackathon in Taipei in which alumni work together with external civic hackers to digitalise their ideas and develop new tools based on open source and open data. Established workshop formats such as design thinking, keynotes, alumni inputs or a world café will prepare the alumni for the hackathon.


Globally, cities are challenged to make substantial contributions to emissions reduction. According to UN-Habitat (2011), cities consume 78 per cent of the world’s primary energy and produce more than 60 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions. But cities can also take a pioneering role in the implementation of climate protection measures and innovation. A range of complex and challenging planning approaches and technological innovations can be implemented to reduce emissions. These include decarbonisation of transport and energy systems, industry, buildings, tourism, etc. However, the use of technically based solutions can only succeed if as many actors as possible are involved in the process.


The aim of the workshops is to use the strength of co-creation and civic technologies to transform cities. Digital devices offer completely new options for collaboration, data collection and organisation. Smartphones enable communication and data collection almost anywhere, open-source programmes put previously reserved programmes for experts into the hands of everyone, and the smallest sensors can be used and networked by anyone. This combination of technology and co-creation creates an exciting thematic field that enables innovative approaches and methods for co-design and participation in urban discourse.

Asian-European collaboration for zero emission cities


The subject of the alumni workshop is the climate-neutral development of urban districts. Alumni will develop ideas and tools for an energy-efficient neighbourhood development that gives equal consideration to ecological, economic and social concerns. Alumni build knowledge in the integration of digital tools, digital platforms, open data, open technology and digital commons to develop robust and smart urban districts. In addition to methodological and technical training and networking, the workshop aims to develop a digital tool that alumni (as technical input for home) and other actors (from planning, administration, civil society, science, etc.) can use for sustainable neighbourhood design.

Furthermore, the aim is to strengthen the exchange and cooperation along with different stakeholders (alumni, business, civil society etc.) on sustainable urban development within an Asian-European partnership.


In the upcoming year, in October 2023, the #HackYourDistrict Workshop will take place in Taipei. At NTU international alumni will discuss their ideas with civic hackers, build them further together and design their own tools for urban sustainable development. The ultimate goal is that small groups create open source solutions using publicly-released data, codes and technologies to solve urban problems. The workshop will be built on the movement of civic technologies and digital democracy in Taiwan. To find out more about the civic tech community in Taiwan please click HERE