Alumni Workshop in Berlin 2022

Deadline: 31st July 2022 – The open call is over!

Grant Package includes:

  • Free participation in the whole workshop (2022), excursions and satellite meeting events with business partners, policy makers and academics
  • partially cover of travelling expenses (maximum up to 700€ for participants from developing countries, see DAC list; maximum up to 600€ for participants from other countries)
  • Accommodation for up to 6 days
Science Campus Mobility2Grid/ ZeemoBase/inno2grid

Eligibility Criteria for Participation:

This seminar targets Alumni of German universities

  • who carried out research or studied in Germany for at least 3 months 


  1. a proven background in academic fields relevant to the topics of urban sustainability, urban planning and design, software engineering, informatics, computer science, political science, environmental planning, architecture, civil engineering.

  2. professional experience and personal interest in one of the following areas: above all practical experience with respect to the topics mentioned in (1), in the context of project development, industry, government agencies, NGOs, local communities, applied research in academia and industry

  3. the requirements to act as a potential multiplier to transmit the seminar results, disseminate the acquired knowledge and to develop innovative ideas and projects for implementation in the home countries

  4. being able to work with other Alumni on ideas for zero emission and social inclusive cities.

  5. adequate language proficiency which is essential to actively participate in the workshops and discussions as the seminar will be held in English

Your application:

  • fill out the application form
  • include your CV and a letter of motivation (max. 2 page)
  • Upload your application below until 15th July 2022

Application form: